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ROCCAT Presents New Best Lightweight Mouse
almost 2 years ago

Roccat offers gamers an amazing advantage thanks to its precise, lightning-fast performance. The new ROCCAT mouse registers clicks up to 100 times faster than a conventional mechanical gaming mouse, and the optical switches also last longer.


What is Burst Pro?


The shape of the Burst Pro is symmetrical and ergonomic at the same time. Through the translucent upper side, you can see the integrated honeycomb construction, which reduces the weight to a light 68 grams and sets ROCCAT's AIMO lighting system in the limelight like never before.


For the first time in the world, the ROCCAT Burst Pro offers heat-treated 100% pure PTFE mouse feet for excellent gliding properties on all types of mouse pads and a PhantomFlex cable for virtually wireless gameplay. The Burst Pro will be available in stores worldwide from October 30, 2020 for an RRP of EUR 59.99 and can be pre-ordered from today.


ROCCAT presents the Burst Pro PC gaming mouse with the Titan Switch Optical 2/4 The Burst Pro arose from ROCCAT's desire to develop a completely new symmetrical mouse that uses the latest technology from the manufacturer and at the same time uses the full potential of the intelligent AIMO light Engine releases.


When it comes to PC gamers, speed is an extremely important factor, and the Titan Switch Optical optical switch offers up to 100 times faster response rate than conventional mechanical mice due to its ultra-precise light-based actuation and a significantly longer overall life of 100 million clicks.


In addition, the Titan Switch Optical also solves the all-too-common "double-click" problem that traditional mechanical switches experience towards the end of their life. To achieve the best possible performance, the Burst Pro is equipped with ROCCAT's optical owl-eye sensor with an adjustable DPI of up to 16,000.


The Burst Pro is also the first mouse with a lightweight honeycomb design covered with a solid, clear top layer and UV-coated buttons for added durability and protection from the elements. ROCCAT put another focus on the side surfaces of the mouse, which were given a shiny hexagonal texture and, in combination with the UV-coated buttons, ensure a perfect grip. The new design sets ROCCAT's impressive intelligent AIMO lighting brilliantly in the limelight and at the same time brings the weight of the mouse to 68 grams.


The Burst Pro will be available in Ash-Black and Arctic-White. To support the exceptional speed and feeling of lightness with this mouse and to give players the feeling of complete freedom of movement, the Burst Pro has heat-treated mouse feet made of 100% pure PTFE that glide smoothly over any mouse pad surface.

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